The California Highway Patrol found itself extremely busy during the Christmas 2010 Holiday Season as extremely wet weather contributed to a number of motor vehicle accidents on California freeways. The roads and highways had been made slippery by recent rain, and as San Diego Personal Injury lawyers would expect, many motorists were taken by surprise and ended up in Emergency Rooms and ambulances.  In total, the there was about 73 accidents that were reported on San Diego County highways and freeways in just one day of rains. These accidents were reported between midnight and 8 AM of a Thursday just before Christmas. Of these 73 motor vehicle accidents, 33  motor vehicle accidents occurred between 6 AM and 7 AM, and 21 motor vehicle accidents were reported between 7 AM and 8 AM. In dry weather conditions,  the California Highway Patrol typically deals with about 35 motor vehicle accident reports in a 24-hour period.

On this same day, the National Weather Service also focused on slippery weather conditions for motorists for the San Diego County region. The attention and focus was on light rain and slick roads that are caused by the dried oils coming out due to the rainy conditions. However, even with this advance notice, many drivers were still taken by surprise on driving on slippery streets and roadways.  It is not entirely unusual to have sudden overnight rains during winter months in Southern California which leave the roads slick and slippery, but it does not happen to frequent to allow our California motorists to get good experience on them.  In fact, some have suggested, sudden changes in weather in December make this one of the most dangerous months for motorists in California. 

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