A man survived a hit and run car accident in Rancho Bernardo, California  Thursday, October 14, 2010, evening and it was due to  items in his backpack that helped save his life, according to police authorities.  The man was riding in the bike lane on Pomerado Road near Caminito Vecinos when he was struck from behind by motor vehicle around 8 p.m.  Police officials said if it was not for beer in his back pack, the collision would have either caused severe/grave injuries, or a possibly a fatality.  "There is no doubt in my mind the beer definitely played a factor," said Sgt. Art Doherty of the San Diego Police Department.  The force of the crash mangled the victim's bicycle (a GT Mountain Bike), and the seat of the bike actually was found in a nearby tree!  The man was thrown approximately 42 feet, but the cushion from the beer cans in his back pack appears to have saved his life.

Only parts of the "bullet vehicle" were left at the scene of the impact, and the police are hoping for someone to step forward and take responsibility for the injuries.  If anyone does have information about this hit-and-run car accident, please contact the San Diego Police Department at (619) 531-2000.

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