Mississippi Pizza Hut Faces a Lawsuit with Fifteen (15) Plaintiffs

A lawsuit seeking $1.1 million dollars was filed against NPC International for food poisoning. The suit alleges 15 plaintiffs who were all members of a church claim to have become ill after eating chicken at a Pizza Hut in Northern Mississippi in the city of Greenwood; the Pizza Hut location is owned by NPC. Nineteen (19) people were actually treated at a local hospital and complained of vomiting and severe nausea. The lawsuit only had two (2) plaintiffs when it was initially filed in March 2009. A spokesperson for Pizza Hut, Mr. Chris Fuller, has commented on the lawsuit by indicating it lacks legal merit. More specifically, Mr. Fuller indicated the Mississippi Department of Health and the FDA found there was nothing wrong with the food that was served at the Pizza Hut location.
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