La Mesa Brain Injury Law Firm: La Mesa Brain Injury Attorney discusses medical difficulties with child head traumas

The Frontal Lobe Section of our brains control our interpersonal skills, social interactions; any type of injury to a child’s brain may not manifest itself until much later (see my prior blog at http://www.blanelaw/blog under Brain Injuries). At the same time, injuries to a child’s brain may not impair the writing and reading centers of the brain until much later in child development. Another medical fact that may contribute to a child’s head injury becoming more difficult to treat or stabilize is the fact that a child’s skull is only approximately 1/8 as durable as that of a normal adult skull. This alone can show why brain injuries in children are more common in forces of trauma.

I have been practicing in San Diego since 1999, and I also accept injury cases that come from the La Mesa area. If you enjoyed this brief discussion then please feel free to enjoy a video I put together on Brain Injuries at the following link: La Mesa Brain Injury Attorney Discusses Brain Injuries/Head Traumas – What One Needs To Know To Prove Your Brain Injury/Trauma In Court

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