Attorney’s Costs/Fees in representing an Injured Minor Child

The court must also approve all litigation costs associated with a minor child’s injury case.  There is also usually a cost for filing the paperwork with the court to approve a minor child’s injury settlement.  Most injury attorneys itemized this filing fee as part of there overall costs.  As of the date of this writing, the cost to file is considered an “upper level” court cost of $355.00.  Court costs generally go up every year or so, so please be mindful that if the insurance company of the at-fault party does not pay for this cost, it is usually an itemized cost on the case itself; unless the costs for filing are waived due to financial reasons.  Please also note an injury attorney may have other costs associated with the representation of your minor child.  Just know all of these costs need to be itemized in the court paper work and it is closely scrutinized by the judge approving your minor child’s injury settlement.  A lawyer is capped per California statue to 25% of the settlement of a minor child.

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