How is a San Diego area Personal Injury Case Evaluated: by Chula Vista Car Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane

A personal injury case is usually valued with a “formula approach” by an insurance company. Here is a skeletal outline of what is analyzed:

1. The injuries which are documented by ICD-9 Codes in the Medical Chart Notes;
2. The modalities of medical care, or type of medical care as documented by the CPT codes;
3. The intensity, frequency, and duration of medical care;
4. Whether there is a wage loss; or other-of-pocket expenses;
5. Whether there is a permanent impairment to a particular body part documented by a Medical Doctor, per the AMA 5th Edition Impairment Guidelines;
6. Whether there is future medical care;
7. Whether there is punitive exposure (are there facts to support damages above and beyond pain and suffering damages to the nature of how the accident that caused injury occurred; i.e., was the at-fault party intoxicated, etc.).

The above is then analyzed with the property damage to both vehicles (if this is a car accident injury), and which zip code did the accident occur. The following is a video I produced explaining Personal Injury Case Value today:

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