Gunshots to the head are extremely serious. It has been true that California brain injury lawyers have long been familiar with the devastating impact of traumatic brain injury on their injured clients, however we all have been given another tragic insight on traumatic brain injury in the news recently.  This is due to the horrible massacre last week that left Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords seriously injured with a traumatic brain injury from a gunshot. The shooter was thankfully caught and arrested.

As everyone knows, six people were killed in the massacre when gunmen Jared Loughner opened fire outside a supermarket where the Congresswoman was meeting her constituents in a local rally. Now, more news attention than ever is being focused on the kind of brain injury that the Congresswoman suffered, and her head injury prognosis. This has also brought some speculation as to her medical prognosis too.  Some initial news reports mentioned that Giffords was conscious initially after the injury, and has since shown encouraging signs in the hospital (she was transported to a Houston, Texas hospital).

In fact, she was able to open one of her eyes in the hospital, and has been able to respond to "some commands" by doctors since the terrible event. Those are very encouraging medical signs, and based on what we know now, there seems to be a good prognosis for her ability to recover medically from this head injury. Yet, the entire extent of her head injury recovery is still a matter of speculation and her prognosis is not yet 100% known by the medical doctors. According to some doctors, because the bullet (which entered the left side of her brain) only damaged regions that are not so important for speech and thinking, the head injury by the bullet could have been much worse for her (thankfully it was not). The nature of traumatic brain injury is such that its impact and possible long-term repercussions can be understood only after a few weeks or months. This is the difficult nature of head wounds; here, the injury is an open head wound.

Physicians who are in charge of caring for the Congresswoman have warned that she is not completely out of "danger woods" yet, and that there is a possibility of suffering seizures and bleeding from the brain as time goes on in her healing process.  However, based on the encouraging nature of her responses to her doctors, and her initial progress, some medical experts have predicted that she has a good chance of being able to “walk away from this”  and return to a very normal pre-gun shot life.  Others are predicting a return to Congress.  Traumatic brain injury can result from severe accidents, slip and fall accidents or as a result of assaults, like gunshot wounds. The injury results when the brain is subjected to tremendous impact or a serious head injury. A brain injury may or may not be accompanied by other injuries, like skull fractures or hematoma. Each head injury case is unique just like the facts of an accident that produced the head injury in the first place.  We wish a speedy recovery to Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her family.

Lawyers and Legal Staff Members Offering Help After a Serious Open Head Injury | Seizures can often be a Lingering Symptom too

As some doctors have mentioned, Ms. Giffords may experience seizure like symptoms as a result of the gunshot.  Again, this type of wound is "open" which means there was a penetrating force to her skull (the bullet).  With an injury case that has an open head wound, medical evidence is key.  We all work as a team and our clients work closely with attorney Mark C. Blane after a head injury or accident related to seizures. While they have the support of lawyers, they also have the added support of a team of professionals from our law office — investigators, claims consultants, and staff members who make sure their cases are handled properly. This means that our clients get the support they need so they can focus on the thing that matters most — getting better from their individual injury.  Attorney Mark C. Blane will take action starting at your first appointment. He will discuss the details of your case and he may ask you to describe the seizures and other injuries. He will also ask for the names of your doctors and the hospitals and other facilities where you received treatment, so that we can obtain copies of your medical records to prepare a case that addresses all aspects of your injury.  From that point forward, he will create a settlement and litigation strategy. He does a thorough investigation of all the facts and laws that might affect you. If appropriate, we will also obtain the accident report, contact witnesses, and gather evidence to prove your case. 





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