Attorney Carl J. Berkovitz

Carl J. Berkovitz

Carl J. Berkovitz

  • Attorney, Of Counsel
  • The Law Offices of Mark C. Blane, APC
  • Procopio Tower
    525 B Street, Suite 1500 San Diego, California 92101
  • (619) 813-7955

About Carl, the lawyer...

Carl became a California lawyer in 1976. He has committed himself to representing those injured against insurance companies who take advantage them. He is one of the few attorneys in the United States who takes to trial MIST ("minor impact soft tissue"), a phrase developed by insurance companies, cases and achieves great results. He is particularly skilled in trial against defense-retained experts both in "bio-mechanics," and "collision reconstruction."  His reptuation is such that other litigation law firms retain him to try their cases for them.

Carl became "of-counsel" with my law office in 2016. I recently second-chaired a trial he had up in Santa Rosa, California. Carl shares my passion of learning as much about trial work as possible. We frequently do Focus Groups together to find "the story" in our case, as well as practice trial technique, like voir dire (jury selection), opening statements, and other issues that are challenges in a particular case. I rely on Carl to share insights with me on cases in my trial practice, and we make a great team, and I am very proud to have him as of counsel with my law firm.


J.D., Juris Doctorate of Law, Southbay University
B.S., Bachelor Degree, Middle Tennessee State University

State Bar Admissions:

California Supreme Court, June 1976